wie gehts.
NEWS: yo, this site will be getting some big changes soon. i'll be adding some new pages to it such as more DOOM stuff and "top 10 lists." gonna have some cool stuff!!! check it out ;)
i haven't gotten around to doing jack shit on this site... too busy getting cheated on and such! my bday was recently. ofc he left early because he "had work". wouldn't be suprised if that was a cover up to go fuck around with that girl... anyways i hate my life again.
special thanks to me for being awesome and making this page happen. fuckers i used to know couldn't code worth shit!
remember... these pages are best viewed on a desktop. not on a mobile browser. they suck! and remember: don't threaten people!

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"i must be crazy to fight this war; i must be out of my battered mind."

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