i've compiled an eclectic list of pages just for you.
happy surfing...


every noise at once: map of every musical genre you can think of

my 90's tv: bask in your nostalgia.

electronic music guide: your own nifty, interactive guide to techno music.

OCCULT/METAPHYSICS resource for personal tarot readings, numerology reports, etc. spiritual satanism resource. compendium of an extremely vast variety of spiritual and metaphysical topics. : take this resource as you will.. perhaps with a grain of salt.. but it still proves to be an immensely eye opening site discussing topics like metaphysics, the so-called "matrix control system", conspiracy, and more. : resource for reality shifting. if you believe in that stuff. : encyclopedia for all things 'occult and unexplained'.

the nachtkabarett : explained best on the homepage...: "a multimedia site with all-exclusive content which uncovers the occult imagery and symbolism within the art of Marilyn Manson..."


dante's inferno test : how impure are you?

even deadly sins test : find out what sin will send you to hell.

e-zines : vast collection of online text magazines/newsletters from the 90s/early 2000s

TIER: a small DOOM webpage

storm prediction center: the storm prediction website for the us

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